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Hello, Rizwan and Group

This is class with explanation how to build own cyclical genome:

1) As an example I've downloaded Bitcoin calculated spectrum, extracted cycles and saved this spectrum into file BTC-USD.spectr clicking this "CG" button:

Before saving spectrum don't forget to extract the most important cycles, you can do it clicking autoselection button:

2) Now I can display this spectrum together  this way, click this button and chose BTC-USD.spectr file:

HOW TO BUILD OWN Cyclical Genome (CG):

3) The same way I build  some amount of spectrums for different crypto charts, i.e. have downloaded these charts into TS -> calculated spectrum-> extracted the most important cycles -> saved results into *.spectr file.

Now I run Spectrum Viewer  program click this button:

and have downloaded 10 crypto spectrums, i.e. 10 files with extension *.spectr:


Pay attention, you do not need to download these files one-by-one, you can use multi-selection feature this way: 

- keep "Shift" key on your keyboard pressed  and highlight these files using up/down keys on your keyboard:

- another variant: keep "Ctrl" key on your keyboard pressed and make LEFT mouse click on files you need to chose.
This feature is useful when you need to chose some specific files, like this:

- you can also do Ctrl-A to highlight all files in folder.


I got  this:

The red colored chart in the bottom panel represents the genome for multi spectrum chart, this is actually a histogram that shows the density of cycles.

For example this peak around period 240 days:

tells us that we have more cycles around this period, this cycle appears more often than other cycles. You see more cycles (=vertical stripes) are located around this period:

4) You can save this genome clicking this "CG" button:

this is the same file with extension *.spectr

and now I can download this file into q-spectrum:


5) TS Server does this:

calculates spectrum for 272 cryptos and calculates genome, cyclical distribution for 272 cryptos, totally 1409 cycles were analyzed:

This way you can build cyclical genome for any financial instruments, combining them in different groups.

As an example this is CG for health care industry stocks from SNP 1500:

As you see the major cycle here is 513 days cycle. Though this genome includes 175 stocks, maybe this is not enough to get reliable results.

You can use this genome for you further research. As an example I've downloaded Pfizer stock (PFE) calculated spectrum (Temporary-Bartels-Tarasov algorithm)  and have download health care genome to see together cyclical portrait for Pfizer and for whole health care industry:


You should pay attention to cycles that confirmed by industry, like this: 

486,9 days cycle has a bit OFF, it is doubtful.

Thank you Jeff for helping to do this research!

6) As a funny experiment I've downloaded genome for all stocks for all countries, forex, crypto ... everything. Got this:


To calculate this genome you need to download 26K instruments, calculate spectrums, extract cycles .... this is totally 156K cycles

You can click the same button and save this genome into *.spectr file. This is huge file and it took 5 minutes to download this monster into TS but I did this:


Monster is attached.

Best regards.


On 2023-02-27 2:18 p.m., Rizwan Khan wrote:
Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your quick response, your suggestion has solved my problem, i can now see the histogram at the bottom, however, how do i now save this histogram so i can bring it into TS and view it with the spectrum module? 

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