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Timing Solution community group has these goals: - discussing financial markets analysis and forecast provided by Timing Solution team and users of the software; - tips and ideas on how to apply software features for trading and market forecast; - software updates notifications and useful information. The registered Timing Solution software users may ask there other participants regarding issues they might come upon while working with the software.
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    This subgroup is designed for general inquiries. Yes, questions should be related to the use of Timing Solution software, though without your real trading experience related to the question. You can ask here some theoretical questions like the history of some ideas used in Timing Solution, calendars, success claims made by others (without your real testing of these), general ideas why some modules might work, etc. The subgroup is monitored by our staff on a regular basis. You may choose to be a part of this subgroup or not. it can be done through your membership. Sergey will look at topics discussed here when he has a spare minute. And there is no obligation that he is answering here and no obligation that something will be done with the software in regards to your posts in this subgroup. If you have some issues working on models that you use for your trading, it is better to contact Sergey at the main group or through the website ( ). If your topic is about some feature not present now in Timing Solution software, please copy that to Wish List on the website. And, of course, all rules for the main group (like respect to all members) are applicable here.
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