Update all version

Timing Solution Admin

Hello, Group

The update for all versions is available.(I've uploaded it today morning EST).

If you plan to use bonds, there are here:

Just yields, no price. They promise that price will be available as well. It least you can use them in Intermaket.

I also have attached standard template for intermaket, I have added US bond there. Just copy these two files into 
c:\TimingSolution\Intermaket folder. USA FED rates are updated as well.

So now you can conduct standard Intermaket analysis this way:

1) in Intermarket module download standard template (Basic.inter_templ file):

2) Update these charts clicking here:

3) One-by-One run ILC charts clicking these buttons:

This way we are trying to find LEADING indictor/s for your financial instrument this way: https://youtu.be/o3yRexrr9lE

Also there are some changes in Q-Spectrum 2 module, I will explain it tomorrow.

Best regards.