Mini Class: Astro cycles


Hello, Parvis and Group

1) First step, we simply calculate cycle based on planet or angle separation between planets.

This is Composite module, I highly recommend to check this class:

or at least check this introduction video

1) So I've downloaded bitcoin, click "Astronomy" button and set Mercury-Saturn Helio cycle there:

This is projection line based on this cycle:

2) Next step - we need to verify this cycle, how it will work tomorrow.

This is non future leaks technology, please check this class:  This is important, we can build million projection lines. The main problem is - how to verify them.

 I set LBC several months back and watch how projection line works after LBC (price after LBC=out of sample data, before LBC - in sample):

Doe nots look promising.

3) Now we can try another cycles, let's try Venus-Sun helio  (in helio = Earth):

This is Mercury synodic cycle and genome indicates that this cycle works very often.

This projection line looks better:

Pay attention, in Composite module it shows correlation between projection line and price.

4) The final step this is Walk Forward Analysis (explained in first class above).

Do this:

The result looks good: 24 interval correlation is positive versus 10 negative. It looks like this cycle works.

The same way you can check other cycles.

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On 2023-03-02 7:33 a.m., Parvis Aliyev wrote:

Sergey good afternoon, can you help me to check which cycle works best on bitcoin?
1. Saturn - Mercury 88.6 days
2. Marcurius-Mars (D Bayer writes that when Mercury rotates relative to Mars, the trend changes) 779 days
Il it may be necessary to use some other ??
(the helio cycle of Venus still works well from small cycles)
Or all together?

Parvis Aliyev

It was a cycle on the Stellar crypto coin

Parvis Aliyev

Sergey, I'm sorry, I correctly understood the mini class, should we get such a correlation? For example like this?