Update : Intermarket and TS-Spectrum modules

Timing Solution Admin

Hello, Group

The update for all version is available. There are some changes in Intermarket module, small changes like analyze all data or last X years:

Also analyzing genomes calculated with different spectrums (classical, Bartels, Q-Spectrum) I set Bartels algorithm as default, it provides the most clear spectrum.

After that I recommend to switch to Q-Spectrum to work with INVERTED cycles, Q-Spectrum this is the only module that allows to work with inverted cycles.

BTW, there is option that allows to auto-extract inverted cycles only:

Also recently I've calculated genome for inverted cycles for American stocks, here it is:

The inverted cycles are not so certain (as expected). We can specify two inverted cycles at least: 67.13 and 85.64 days cycles.

Best regards.